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Tiger Tots

Tiger Tots Our certified LITTLE TIGER TOTS PROGRAMS have been carefully developed for children ages 31/2 through Pre-K to introduce and reinforce the important life lessons you want them to learn. We start with fun, promote teamwork, and friendship to create and develop strong individuality and the self esteem necessary to succeed . Learn more...

Jr Kids

Tiger Tots Give your child our award-winning program for the foundation to succeed. Not only do our students have fun, they get in great shape, learn valuable self-defense skills, and priceless character development lessons, while earning rewards for their achievements. Our "Specialized Personal Development and Life Skills Program" and certified Kid Smart "Amberwatch Be Safe" Program will develop the self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in anything they do while surpassing their peers and safely navigating social interactions! Learn more...

Teens & Adults

Reach for somthing more with our martial arts training. Find strength you didn't know you had. We'll teach you how to discipline your mind, strengthen your body, face life's tough decisions, and conquer every obstacle for success. Our professional Black Belt instructors will get you there. Learn more...


Academic Achievement Patch

Karate Of The Woodlands awards its students when they turn in their report cards as they are distributed throughout the school year according to their grade level. We want to see our students strive and meet tier academic goals and achieve success in school; as that is also a big part of their curriculum and helps them stay structured, organized, and have something to represent their efforts and achievements.

How to Earn Your Academic Achievement Patch

You earn your patch by doing well on your school report card. You must earn 5 points to receive an award:
  • 1st 5 Points = Academic Achievement Patch & 1st Gold Star
  • 2nd 5 Points = Gold Star
  • 3rd 5 Points = Gold Star, etc.
  • 25 Points = Large “Special Gold Star”
  • 30, 35 or 40 points each earn a gold star and should be on the same line as other stars. A new school year starts a new line.

How to Earn Points

Academic Score
  • All A’s = 5 Points
  • Any B’s = 4 Points
  • Any C’s = 3 Points
Conduct Score
  • All E’s or S+’s = Bonus Point
  • Any NI’s = Minus 1 Point
  • Any U’s = Minus 2 Points
*Any grade lower than a C, even one, earns no points for that 6 or 9 week period.

How to Earn Extra Points

Increase your academic average = Extra Point
Increase your conduct average = Extra Point
(Kindergartners must have an “excellence” report for conduct from their teacher to earn an extra point.)

NOTE: Pre-schoolers can earn a patch with an excellent report for conduct and effort from their preschool teachers. Please have teachers put report on school stationary with signature.

All children must know why they are earning their patch and should be encouraged to earn it over a short period of time. Stars will be earned with the start of grades in Kindergarten.

*Place on right sleeve center below seam.

Kid’s Karate Eagle Patch

Kid’s Karate wants everyone to know who is helping others join our kid’s karate family by wearing a ‘Kid’s Karate Eagle Patch’ on their shoulder.

How to Earn Your Kid’s Karate 'Eagle Patch'

To earn your ‘Kid’s Karate Eagle’ simply help someone join our team. By sharing your art with another, you are helping create a successful team whose goals are to be ‘The Best That We Can Be.’ Confidence, Discipline, Respect, Honesty, Values, and A Positive Attitude are just some of the things we gain at Kid’s Karate. Ask Mr. Prieto for a guest pass today!

(1 gold star is earned for each person you help become a member)

Call us for a FREE class!!!


Call us for a FREE class!!!

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